Role of IT with the Business – 2016 to 2017

Looking through a study by Vanson Bourne that surveyed 1,300 IT leaders looking into the role of IT within the business as it is perceived today and how it will be changing in the years ahead, the impact of the growing independence of other departments to obtain IT services and apps outside the control of IT, and what successful IT leaders are doing to make sure IT remains relevant and is positioned as a driver of innovation for their organization.

Amongst these results there are a few that stand out and provide valuable insight to IT leaders concerned about their organization and its relevance to the business:

  • 39% now say IT acts as a service broker or consultant to the line of business departments rather than as an exclusive supplier of all IT services to them
  • 35% of spending on IT is now happening outside the IT department, and this will grow to 44% in three-years

Yet IT leaders are not doing enough to capitalize on this shifting landscape and leverage technology to measure their own impact on the business and help the LOBs understand the value of IT:

  • Only 31% share key performance metrics with the business, only 27% frequently evaluate the impact of shifts in investments, only 37% evaluate whether IT is meeting its KPIs.
  • This is a missed opportunity for IT to move from a traditional budget and project-driven focus to one that is investment-driven and focused on the overall portfolio. It is also a missed opportunity to IT to better align with the business in this changing landscape.



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