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The mobile app industry is as popular as ever with new applications appearing daily for business, pleasure and lifestyle automation.

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The market was predicted to reach 80 billion by 2018 and it’s probably that result may never be possible to accurately measure because mobile apps are now becoming a part of other processing solutions that may not ever be considered a stand alone app on their own.

But what is this fascination we have for mobile applications and why has it grown so quickly. What is driving mobile apps to be so popular and will that popularity last?

Do mobile apps need to evolve and if so into what, when, why and where?

This is a must participate study for anyone using, obtaining income from, managing the implications or just enjoying the use of mobile applications. If you’re interested in steering the path of mobile towards greater goals, you should participate and have their say!

By completing this behavioural Quiz we hope to learn why mobile applications have become the default lifestyle accessory and perhaps our closest technology companions!

Please share the quiz with your friends, open up debate and if you’re interested in the topic take a bit of extra time to complete the companion survey where you can really have your say!

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    This is an important point for an company sitting on the fence with Digital Strategy.
    You really cant afford to wait any longer, the time is right now and has been for some time. There are skills the folk within your organisation need time to develop if they are to maintain and manage your strategy and waiting is holding your company back. It will take time to pass that knowledge on from your Web Strategy Providers (hopefully one of which will be us) to your staff and management. Its not an overnight process. It’s must less stress to start when there is time to manage the knowledge transfer in an orderly manner and above else time to do it properly. Early preparation is a wise choice.
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