Have a eCommerce Site in Days not Weeks

If you’re ready to start selling on line, have your product and offering all ready. A website project sounds interesting but could be distracting you from working on the business.  There is a simple answer, a Total TurnKey ecommerce site is operational in days and releases you to devote your attention to the business and let us worry about the website.

 - eCommerce and Go - Package 2ecommerce Website operational with:

Modern Responsive theme
Meaningful starter content
Site structure you can build on
All the important plugin’s for security, management, filtering of spam and hack prevention
Email accounts, Login accounts
Social media integration
SEO, Google Analytics and Site management
Full WooCommerce shop front and payment gateway


If your firm needs an experienced hand to put in place all the essential pieces so a new site can start working for you straight away this is the service you need.

This service includes:

  • WordPress Site with a free or low cost responsive (mobile friendly) theme
  • Put in place all essential plugins, installed AND CONFIGURED CORRECTLY including (but not limited to) our magic mix containing:
    • Security protection, hacker protection, capture
    • Full SEO platform with Content editing prompting (so people optimize content as it is entered)
    • Analytics, Google Analytics, Site manager, Site map manager, XML markup
    • Social plugins, content opt in features, linked to theme, create and link Twitter/Facebook/Linked in
    • Advertising, Landing pages, Call to action
    • Blog along with a few filler posts for your niche so site looks established
    • Product or service pages with content scraped from brochures or old website and new fresh images added that render on mobile devices
    • Facebook pixel and Google Tag manager
    • You Tube tracking with integration to Facebook pixel and Google Tag manager

WordPress is a great platform and is quite easy to understand. Once set up we can also train your people to run the site on a day to day basis.

The Benefits of using a Total TurnKey package include:

  • You can learn by example, the site is set up using proven best practices, and when complete your team can follow these practices to manage the site.
  • WordPress has thousands of plugins and thousands of themes and options that when you need a website quickly are very costly to wage through. The time it would take to self discover the best combination would exceed the cost of this service many times over.
  • The speed at which the site is running helps give you’re team confidence and immediate visibility of the “end goal” of your project. Armed with that experience, your team can make better choices going forward. If you’re planning to take your new website to the next level or to integrate it as a part of your overall strategic differentiation this service will shave months and perhaps years of your organisational learning curve.
  • Total TurnKey will show your staff and management by example exactly what it takes to have a great web presence and explain the new opportunities open to you
  • Total TurnKey will manage training, handover and assist where needed in operational and executive strategy development.

Typical Use Cases

  • A business that has never had a website and needs a low cost ecommerce site
  • Expanding business that requires separate identities for affiliate or associated entities
  • Expanding firm with branches or separate entities
  • Association, Institute, Training, RTO, Charity or Non Profit organization that required integrated Website and Membership, Member Administration systems

If you’re short on time, resources or tired of going it alone, here is a really simple, low cost way to get an on-line shop operational quickly and to put us to the test.

Service Guarantee

If the site is not live with the features and in the time agreed between us, then the work is FREE!

No Joke, we know what we are doing and prepared to (as the saying goes) put our money where our mouth is!


  1. Can I choose the theme if I wish?
    ANSWER: Yes
  2. Once complete do I get all the logins and passwords?
    ANSWER: Yes
  3. How long does it usually take?
    ANSWER: Once you have purchased hosting and domain, it can be LIVE in 1 to 2 days
  4. Would I use the site as it is or do I need to do more to make it an effective website?
    ANSWER: Once ready you could leave it untouched for 3-6 months as a Tier 2, 3 website, if Tier 1 or Main site its normal practice to be updating and adding new content so your audience see’s it as an effective resource.
  5. If I don’t have time to manage after its running, do you manage LIVE sites
    ANSWER: Yes, we provide 3 levels of ongoing support which are broadly speaking, Emergency help (as needed), ongoing support and maintenance package and business consulting services.
  6. Can I use Paypal, Stripe, Apply Pay
    ANSWER: Yes