Total Turn Key is a provider of solutions for firms entering growth stages, who armed with a Digital Visions seeks an experienced partner to help carry out the digital strategy in a cost effective and timely manner.   Total Turn Key specialises in providing both guidance in selection, implementation and management of the technology and services for a digital strategy and then knowledge transfer of the soft skills needed for growth to be sustainable over the long term.

The company provides services within the following areas:

  • Digital strategy formation and vision selection (what is possible within our financial capabilities)
  • Strategy planning and development (Less paper and fluff, more measurable outcomes)
  • Implementation and transitioning including:
    • Project management
    • Vendor selection
    • Transformation
    • Handover and skills transfer
    • Sustainability practices
  • Monitoring and control
  • Stakeholder communications and engagement

The company specialises in creating a fun environment during implementation, overcoming naysayers through empowering and rewarding for effort, insight and contribution.

Best thing about Total Turn Key is you get to see results straight away; this gave me a lot of confidence early in the project. Above all I think they understand balancing the time value of money against monthly cash flow and don’t make decisions that result in expenditure surprises.
Alan Hyde – 1st QUIZ .

Our customers and staff enjoy our projects because we plan for it!

Oh, did I mention we have a 100% on time and on budget reputation.

We would love to discuss your project, please feel free to contact us to discuss your opportunity.